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Default Re: trade deadline

There has been a lot of speculation, but from what I've read, if the Pens do not get Gonchar signed by the deadline, they will try to trade him rather than risk losing him to FA. It's just a rumor that you can take for what it's worth, but my feeling is that he is too important to let go and that they would not win the Cup without him, so they will do everything within reason to keep him. I've heard 2 different stories about how much he's asking for - first it was $3.5 million per year for 3-4 years, then $4.5-5 million per year. Sorry, I love Gonch, but if he insists on $5 million per year, then the Pens should let him walk. You can't tie up that much of your cap in a 36 year old defenseman.

As far as Letang goes, they will get him signed, but it'll be for way less than what he is asking for. He wants $4 million per season, and given how much he has underachieved, there is no way he is worth that much. I wouldn't pay him much more than Goligoski is making ($1.83 million cap hit). If he doesn't want it, then the Pens should listen to trade offers. They have plenty of depth on D in the organization, so they can play hardball with Letang.
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