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Default Calling all NASCAR fans!!!

We have quite a few NASCAR fans here and I created a private fantasy NASCAR league at yahoo... I have sent a PM to the NASCAR fans I know of. It looks very interesting and I want you to be a part of it. If you don't like it thats cool. Here is an overveiw...

Each week, before qualifying begins, you choose an eight-driver team from among three groupings of eligible drivers. Then, before the race, you will select four starting drivers for your team.

So, the challenge is not only to pick the best team race in and race out, but also to manage your team in a way that produces the highest possible fantasy score.

Available drivers are broken into three groups -- A, B and C -- prior to the beginning of the racing season. Once in a group, a driver will not be moved at any time during the season. However, additional drivers may be entered into the game at any point during the season.

To choose or edit your team, click the Select link on your Team page for the appropriate driver grouping (A, B, or C List). You must choose an eight-man squad that includes two members from the A List, four from the B List, and two from the C List.

Each driver can receive a maximum of 90 fantasy points during each race. The top 45 finishers receive points, with the winning driver getting the maximum 90, and other drivers receiving two fewer points for every spot they finish behind the leader (e.g., the second-place driver gets 88 points, the third-place driver gets 86).

You receive the total points earned by all active drivers on your team provided that they have not already been active in nine races (see the Maximum Starts section for more information).

Bonus points are awarded to each of the drivers with the four best starting positions after qualifying. The top qualifier receives 10 bonus points, the second receives five, the third receives three and the fourth receives one. Because qualifying for Daytona 500 is broken up over two days, these bonus points will not be awarded for the Daytona 500.

An additional 10 bonus points are awarded to each driver who leads at least one lap during a race. The driver leading the most laps during a race will also earn another 10 bonus points. To earn these bonus points for your fantasy team, a driver must be on your team and active during the race.

If you want to join just send me a PM, and I will send you the league ID, and password. The more the better...

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