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Default Re: Anyone else tired of the damn Patriots ?

[quote author=CowherLover link=board=steelers;num=1104877602;start=0#7 date=01/10/05 at 12:04:10]This is going to be interesting to see what he can do to stop that offense. But my thought is that if the Ravens could keep it as close as they did, then Brady and Co. should be able to hold their own against them. I know the Colts defense has stepped it up by I don't think they'll be able to maneuver themselves as easily with NE as they did with the Broncos. Just my opinion, but I only got one game right this weekend, so you know what they say about opinions.[/quote]

I agree..if the ratbirds could slow down manning and co, ...bill and co can find a way to slow them down as well. after all, when they beat us in the playof game a few years ago, he admitted he went back to game film from a couple seasons earlier when kitna torched us, to find a way to beat us.
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