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Originally Posted by X-Terminator View Post
I really think that the Pens are waiting until they get some idea on what the cap may be next season, as it's been rumored for months to be going down anywhere from $2-4 million. If that happens, then it's going to make it very interesting, because if he truly wants $5 million, he's likely going to have to go to a bad team with a lot of cap room, because all of the good teams will be crunched. If he really wants to stay - and he's given no indication that he doesn't - then he will agree to take less. The Pens will also have UFAs McKee, Eaton, Dupuis, Tank, Guerin and Cooke to try to re-sign along with Letang as an RFA wanting an extension, so that will also factor in to what they ultimately do. IMO, they won't have the available cap room to sign him to anything more than $3.5 million a year and still re-sign all of those guys. I'm just going to hope something gets done, because Gonch is too important to this team to let go.
I totally agree. Imagine losing Gonch, and what it means especially to our PP. I know we aren't ranked very high in that department right now (a bit of an understatement, yes I know), yet something I believe we will work our way out of because of the immense talent we have, but imagine the negative statistics we would continuously wrack up in that department if he were to leave. Scary....

Originally Posted by HometownGal View Post
If the Pens trade Serg, they're going to regret it - trust me on that. He is what makes that PP go and is one of the best Dmen in the league. You're right XT - they won't win another Cup this season or for the next several seasons without him. Though Letang and Gogo are very promising young Dmen, neither of them brings what Gonch brings to the table and to that locker room. Besides that - I'll be pissed to hell and back, as he has been not only my favorite Pen but my favorite Pittsburgh sports figure for the last 5 years. I even loved him when he was with the Crapitals. He loves it here in the Burgh and is very close to both Mario and Geno, so I think in the end, both sides will make concessions and they'll get the deal done.
I believe this is another reason he means so much to the Pens. A subtle, off the ice contribution, but yet an important one. I know that Geno's English has greatly improved, but it's too soon to have Gonch go when he seems to mean so much to Geno and in a way is Geno's crutch. It would be premature to break that up. And if it were to happen, then I worry for what that would mean to Evgeni. It could negatively effect him and that could carry over to his production on the ice.

They love each other, and we fans love them both. Please, Pens front office - find a way to keep them together!
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