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Originally Posted by SteelersinCA View Post
We had a whole thread on this last year, you brought up the article, I just exercised the rule of completeness in bringing the full article into focus. Here's the quote from the article, I'm not the one asking the question, I'm just the messenger:

"Who's better, Black Mamba or King James? Advanced stats clearly favor LeBron. On the other hand, NBA players say almost unanimously that Kobe is the game's best."

The question then becomes, what is a NBA players definition of better and best?
I know what the article says, my point of contention is what question (specifically) was asked. If you had one season to build a team and win a championship...would other superstars rather play with Lebron or Kobe?

I'm sure the Media will spin this into an individual win by Kobe (he did have 35 points) to go with his 9 rebounds and 8 assists. No doubt they'll mention James missing 5 free throws and 5 three pointers on his way to a 26 point, 4 rebound and 7 turnover night.

But we need to look beyond that. Kobe hit 33% of his 3's (a smidge beyond Lebron's 2/7) and while he did hit all 12 of his free throws, that means he made 23 points...on 32 shot attempts. It wasn't Lebron guarding Kobe either, but Anthony Parker for the majority of the game...and Delonte West coming in off the bench to pester him.

The media will largely disregard his -18 in the +/- column while trying to find some way to insult Lebron's meager +8. They'll ignore that Kobe missed more shots than Lebron took. They'll also point out Lebron only getting 4 rebounds while Kobe managed 9.

Because in today's game, it's always going to be about what Kobe accomplishes and what Lebron fails at. And because the media hypes it that way, the players buy into it as well.
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