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Default Re: Arts and humanities

Originally Posted by tony hipchest
i love the debate of who was the greater artist. michealangelo vs. davinci.

michelangelo was definitely a surely (sp?) character. he was aloof, pretty mean and nasty, carried himself like a common laborer, often working for weeks on end with little sleep or bathing. many looked at him as down right filthy in demeanor and appearance. his social skills were definitely limited, and he had many run ins with the pope who gave him most of his commisions, getting beaten with a stick and almost thrown into the stench (prison) for disobedience.

leonardo on the other hand was very worldly, often wearing the finest clothes and hair oils, perfumes etc. hanging out with kings, queens, dignitaries, philosophers, noblemen, etc. eating the finest foods. he knew how to enjoy life. there was quite a rivalry between the 2 and even to some degree a hatred. they were polar opposites. while it seemed leonardo had a carefree attitude about his work, michaelangelo was almost haunted by his. he was miserable alot of his life and it was like he was possessed when he worked.
Seems like people who are exceptionally gifted in one area are often deficient in another, often it seems to be people skills.

You get these massively talented mathematicians who can do amazing calculations in the blink of an eye - yet are unable to dress themselves or make a cup of coffee (sounds like me after a heavy saturday night)

I haven't made a massive study of either artist, or art in general but I have visited the Louvre - which was so huge you couldnt possibly see it all.

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