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Default Re: Steelers vs. Ravens Game Day Thread - 12/27/09

Originally Posted by GodofGridiron View Post
You keep riding the D's ass im gonna counter and raise you one up on the offense. Tell me who's missing thats a key contributor to this offense ? Troy is out, Aaron Smith is out and Harrison is playing with one arm out there. So let me ask u this; Why say you nothin of this offenses struggles in the red zone HTG ? They have their full contingency of athletes. 4K yard passer, 2 -1K wideouts and a 1K rusher and we get the ball on every series except the last drive in the first half IN ravens territory and settle for either no pts or 3 on half of them. 1st and goal after a turnover at the 7 and we cant manage 7 yrds, with all those weapons ? Again, who's missing from this unit ? Logan set this offense up a couple games ago with a huge opening game return inside the 5 yrd line and we managed 3 pts....WTF ??!!! 3 pts ??? We have WEAPONS on offense. Im fully confident this offense can score with ANYBODY IN THIS LEAGUE. But im afraid we just dont have the Coordinator that can maximize or exploit the strengths of the weaponry at his disposal. And notice this important fact...ARIANS WILL NOT RECEIVE A SINGLE REQUEST FOR AN INTERVIEW FOR A COACHING POSITION THIS OFFSEASON

Two Pro Bowlers absent and a third not healthy on defense. But u wanna bang on them...go right ahead but remember..REMEMBER THE STRUGGLES of this offensive unit to put games out of reach vs Chicago, Cincy, KC, Oak. LeBeau is hamstrung and gettin shitty results out of what he has to work with. Arians has a full deck. Whats his excuse ? Tell me that....
One or two players a team does not make - football 101. Good teams adjust. The Steelers D has not. You don't see me blaming Lebeau do you?

YOU TELL ME - how many games the D totally SHIT the bed this season where Arians O gave them leads in the second half and in the waning moments of the 4Q. While I agree that the O has left points on the field in several games, this same O has put more than enough points up on the board (other than the 2nd Cincy game and the Browns game) to win those games - it was the DEFENSE that gave the games away on silver platters. You Arians haters also fail to realize that Ben has the option, on any given play, to audible which he does very rarely. Our D came very close today to shitting the bed again but were saved by a terrific play by Wood getting to Flacco and the ball bouncing off a Rats player's helmet and into the hands of Hood.

I've always enjoyed and respected your posts very much, but your vehement hatred of BA is almost to the point of being sad. I don't always agree with his playcalling, but I, as a lifelong fan and scholar of the game, do not deem myself an expert nor do I deem fans posting on an internet sports BB experts either. I can only voice my opinion (as you can yours) and my opinion of BA far differs from yours which is fine. You're going to express your dissent and each and every week point the finger of blame at Arians and if I don't see it that way (which most times I don't), I'm going to defend my position. If you want to keep holding our pourous D without accountability, that is fine too. That's the way the cookie crumbles.

Like I've said before - if the Steelers FO decides they want to go in a different direction with another OC, I will support their decision as I totally trust their judgment a helluva lot more than a handful of fans on the outside looking in on an internet BB.

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