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Default Re: NBA 2009-2010

Again, whether he is the best ever, and Kobe are not even in this discussion. To say his FG%, 3pt %, and assists are UP and the rest of his stats have "leveled off" is tantamount to intellectual dishonesty. His FG% has gone up .13 pts, his 3pt% .19, and assists .6 since last year. If that is "up," how is down .3 in steals, down .3 in blocks, and down .7 in rebounds considered leveling off? If you compare it to the 07-08 season; his FG% is up by .18, 3pt% up by .48, and asst up by .6, however steals down by .4, blocks down by .3, turnovers up by .3 (even though that's up, up is bad so down in context) rebounds down by a full 1, and pts down by 1.2. If .1, .1 and .2 (08-09) and .18, .48 and .6 (07-08) are up, certainly .3, .3, and .7 (08-09) and .4, .3, .3, 1 and 1.2 (07-08) are down? It's "up" if it goes up a slight margin, but "leveling off" if it goes down by a greater margin? Come on.

However, that's not the point. I said he has leveled off in the past 3 years. I didn't say he wasn't one of the best ever or even say he was or was not better than Kobe. He may very well be the best ever in 15 years, none of that changes the fact that: he has leveled off over the past 3 years, the numbers aren't getting better. The stats prove it. It's not even an argument or discussion, unless you say the stats are wrong. This may be the best he gets statistically. I can't imagine how it could get any better, and as you acknowledge, and I previously stated, the more help he gets the more "leveling off" or drop in stats you will see.
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