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Default Re: NBA 2009-2010

wow. another nba thread infected. whodathunk?

rhetorical question here... wasnt there already another kobe vs. labron thread started LAST year?

personally, if i was picking any player to start a team, i would take labron. i THINK that labron is the most skilled player in the game today and could take on and beat kobe in any 1 on 1 match up.

but havent you guys learned yet? this isnt about stats or championships. it is only about any "facts" that the board guru can conjure up and wrap his claws around. that is all that matters. anything else is meaningless.

but the fact is, Kobe has peaked,
i guess he peaked for the fourth time in his career, then. as a sonics fan i would certainly hope durant can "peak" 4 times in his career.

i suppose the statement above is meant to imply that kobe cant get any better, but i guess that fact would be false if kobe wins yet another championship (i hope he doesnt).

as for labron, he is allen iverson and jason kidd wrapped up in one and put into tracy mcgrady's unbreakable body.

if you cant get a ring out of that its about time to start thinkin about leavin' cleveland.
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