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The team needs a good CB or a good Safety this draft's first 2 rounds!!!....they can draft any other positional needs after the Second Round!!! I don't think they will go RB because they have Moore....and I don't think they will go ILB because timmons is really stepping up his game(they would probably only choose a MLB if a good one falls right to them!)....

I know a lot of people won't agree with me but I say the steelers take a chance on Taylor Mays FS from USC because both our Safeties Clark and Carter's contracts are up at the end of this season... and they are in their 30's after this season as well!!!! Also they have two young CB in their roster Burnett and Lewis who after this year will be comfortable with the playbook.....thus they will be ready to play next season over DUMBASS GAY!!!(Man GAY is HORRIBLE!!!!!) This would eliminate the Steelers from selecting a CB in the first round(unless a good one falls right to them!) Anyways Mays is a big hitter(like Ryan Clark) who is very RAW!!!.. His cover skills aren't great but he can learn because he is a very raw athlete....Doesn't that sound similar to another player(safety) that also played for USC a while back???.....He reminds me of Troy P!!!! If Troy Polamalu takes him under his wing, believe me Taylor Mays will be an above average to a great player in the NFL!!!!! That's assuming that Stupid AL Davis doesn't draft Mays because of his combine numbers....I just hope Mays slips to the Steelers!!! Everyone who knocks on Mays for his coverage skills will eat their words if Polamalu gets the chance to help Mays reach his potential!!!! They would strike fear in opposing offenses for years to come!!!!


Another option in the first round would be a good CB...e.g...Hayden or even Ras-I Dowling!! But like I mentioned before they would probably not go that route because they already have two young guys developing(Lewis and Burnett)....Lewis is compared to Ike Taylor because of his size and physicality....Burnett is a pretty good athlete but he is kinda short 5'9!.....but I would take him any day over DUMBASS GAY!!!!! I just hope that they develop for next season because I cannot stand GAY....I guess his last name says a lot about his play...LOL.....I HATE HIM because he's the most obvious WEAKNESS on the Steelers defense!!!! He really shouldn't even be playing in the NFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Well anyways let me know who you want the Steelers to choose or who you think they might choose come draft day!!!.....Go Steelers!!!! Hope they make the Playoffs and if they do, they are winning the Super Bowl AGAIN!!!!!!!!!
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