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Default Re: 2010 Steelers Journal

Rolando Mcclain PICK 15/5 years, $24.86M, SB $2.25M
G Atkins PICK 47/3 years, $16.34M, SB $3.21
Micah Johnson PICK 79/3 years, $7.52M, SB $750K
Joe McKnight PICK 111/3 Years, $5.28M, SB $960K
Bryan Evans PICK 143/3 years, $3.29M, SB $420K
Reggie Stephens PICK 175/3 years, $1.65M, $240K
Lones Sieber PICK 207/3 years, $1.72M, $249K

Rolando Mcclain is the 1st round whilst Sieber is the 7th.
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