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Default Re: c. knaus banned from all daytona 500 activities

Originally Posted by Suitanim
More likely, Penske is trying to manipulate NASCAR and Hendrick into firing Knaus so Penske can sign him. It's the most competitive sport out there, and it sometimes seeps off the track.

I, for one, welcome the COT, because I want to see all the drivers in the exact same equipment with the exact same set-ups. That way the best pure drivers win, and the rest of the bullshit flies out the window.
well i cant see penske wanting to fire l. carter or m. borland for the likes of knaus. or baby huey loomis. the penske manipulation angle is funny though. after all this is kenny commenting on insider info that team penske (co-owned by rusty) wouldve fired berrier after his stunts last season. notice how team penske has never been fined or suspended for as many rules infractions as the #48 team?

but the iroc formula would be interresting to watch played out for a full season/ 43 drivers / 36 races

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