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Originally Posted by BlackNGold88 View Post
Taylor Mays is no good. He is just like Roy Williams, horrible in coverage and just goes for the big hit. Haden would be nice to get.

Cody should be there around the time we pick. Not sure if I would select him that high, we could deal back a few picks and still get him.
thats what i've been saying. everybody is obsessed with his size and 40 time, they overlook his actual play on the field. he's basically just a bigger faster ryan clark.. .... i want a fs that actually knows how to play the ball. someone that comes up with picks know..the things steelers DON'T get too often... i'll take a smaller slower earl thomas any day over a taylor mays. maybe mays can be coached up in the nfl...maybe not... i think he should put on a few lbs and play weak side lber.
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