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Default Re: c. knaus banned from all daytona 500 activities

Originally Posted by Suitanim
If you like qualifying well, then Borland and Newman are your guys, but winning races is what it's all about.
this sounds like what i heard from patfans regarding the steelers great regular seasons in recent years. youre not suggesting now that good ol rusty is retired i hop onto jimmie (the winningest driver around) johnsons bandwaggon are you? sometimes its about team loyalty and not winning at all controversial costs.

if i was going bandwaggon hopping id have to say carl edwards is a much more likeable character than jimmie and he has actually won something that matters (an actual nascar sanctioned championship) other than motocross trophies. newman has won a few races too and if all were put in equal equipment with equal crews and $$$$ i think newman has more car control, insight to the workings of the vehicle, and is an all around better driver.
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