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Default Re: Go Broncos! Stomp them Texas Christians

Originally Posted by MACH1 View Post
Sure did.

But I'm sure you'll explain to me why tcu is so much of a better team.
I'll type slowly so you're sure to get it.

A) TCU was not used to the limelight, and Boise was. BIG advantage for BSU.
B) TCU abandoned what got them to the big game in the first place...they run the ball 65% of the time, but they were almost 2-1 in favor of the pass in this game. This led to them getting crushed in TOP.
C) Turnovers. BSU won this stat 3-1.

TCU is a classic Cowher-ball type team. They run the ball, play good ST and great defense, control the clock and strangle the other teams offense. They had a bunch of 3-5 and outs because they went too heavy towards the passing side of the game.
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