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Originally Posted by Steel_12 View Post
Because they're targets everywhere they go.
BS, they are targets in the ritzy neighborhoods? Targets at the best schools when they go pick up their kids? Targets when they shop at the nice stores in the nice neighborhoods?

Or targets because they wear 80k worth of jewelry to dance clubs or get robbed with 75k cash in their lap? Stupidity transcends all strata of society, some people make good decisions, others do not.

Lebron is on record as saying he doesn't own a gun, you mean to tell me that there is a bigger "target" than LBJ? LeBron makes solid decisions, he doesn't go to night clubs and put himself in situations where he could become a target. Arenas is a dumbass and so is every other idiot that has that kind of money and puts themselves in unnecessarily retarded situations.
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