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Originally Posted by SteelersinCA View Post
That's the price of fame, there is a trade off, if they aren't willing to accept it, stop playing. You thrust yourself into the limelight, if that means you gotta stay home there is a solution, take yourself out of the limelight.
Thank you. I agree that nobody deserves to be robbed, but there is a price to pay for fame and riches. Nothing in live comes without some cost. Whether it's the price of freedom or the price of fame. It will cost you something.

Fine, Arenas wants to own guns. I have no objections to him having them. I'm not a member of the NRA, but as a Soldier, any honest citizen has the right to bear arms. However, if you want to get the guns out of the house, sell them to a teammate, give them to the police or give them to family members. Anything other than taking them to your place of work, where it's illegal to keep them.

Then, make sure that you don't do a misguided "joke" in pulling out the unloaded gun on a teammate when you have welched on a bet. Pulling a gun out is never funny. EVER. You want to own them fine..but be a responsible gun owner. Insinuating that you'll use it will never go over well with any self-respecting person. Pull an unloaded gun on me...I'm throwing down. Period. Pull a loaded gun, it's to the death right then and there.

Good by Gilbert.
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