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Default Re: Pats throw game against Texans?....

Why is it when I mentioned this, I got verbally butt raped, but someone else does, it's okay? I don't get it.

I mean, sure, Pittsburgh put themselves in the position of needing help, but I can't imagine that neither Belicheater* or the Shytsinnasty Bungholes wouldn't think about the possibility of throwing a game just to spite the Steelers. While I would acknowledge that Belicheater might shoot his own mother to win a game (or, even, possibly, to get a first down... LOL 4th & 2), and the Bungholes would get my "just happy to be here" award of the 2009/2010 playoffs, the concept of throwing a game to keep the Steelers out of it is not inconceivable.

Granted the Steelers did put themselves in the position of needing help, and it just so happened that the team that basically spit on the rulebook and a division rival ended up having the Steelers fate in their hands. While I ain't saying either team threw their games, I am saying that A) it wouldn't surprise me if it turned out to be true; and B) I wasn't sure I could detest either team any more than I already do, but if it did turn out to be true, my abhorrence would, indeed, increase.


Have a nice day.

Disclaimer: if this didn't make sense, blame the rum.

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