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Default Re: Gilbert Arenas

I get that there's going to be a gun debate about this, or about any situation dealing with firearms. But to me what I found fascinating about this story, is not only the stupidity of these two bringing guns into the locker room, but actually using them in a manner of intimidation. Serious stuff.

What I also find interesting is Arena's behaviour afterwards. His interviews after the fact making light of the situation, and also strongly emphasizing that he did nothing wrong. Then came this gem:

How stupid could you be? You would think there would be someone in his camp that would have pulled him aside and chewed his ass until he realized how much the commissioner wouldn't find ANY of this funny and that he was (no pun intended) shooting himself in the ass with his actions and was in some serious trouble with the league.

But then again I don't really follow basketball, for all I know Arena's has been and will always be stupid.
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