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Default Re: The Pro Wrestling Roundtable

Welcome back ultimatebengal-I thought you guys left me all alone.The problem i had with the tna first show is that i can see how the nwo can be the poison pill for that company.I mean just putting over thier friends.They have had that rep from thier past doings in the wcw (which that gimmick killed that company).And then its very small run in the wwe.That was only done just to set up that first ever rock vs hogan wresltemania.But soon after that the whole nwo thing went away.Because it doesnt have the same interest in the long run as it does in the short run of the gimmick.I mean can you people who say you love the wwe realy say that whole "dx" gimmick isnt getting old.I mean seriously horn-whatever that little guys name is.I mean what a joke.And mcmahon knew if he kept the nwo gimmick going it would bring down the company like it did in the wcw.But i guess the numbers on "dx" must be alright to keep two old guys acting like teenages selling thier merchandise and now running around with a wrestler who doesnt wrestle.I hate the wwe as its the same old show after show.As they keep putting over the same people.I dont like the ric flair thing as again-same old same old.I mean have him as a manager than thats fine but as a wreslter.My grandpa is his age and we dont let him walk up and down the darn stairs.I HATE JEFF HARDY.Seriously how many chances does one guy deserve.Want to do drugs, fine go do them and we will give your spot for a guy who does'nt.I agree with the nasty boys and those others,as i dont see them as active wrestlers.Just hogan bringing in his friends.As those are the same guys that were part of the hulkamania tour,along with mrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr-kenndy.........wait for it.........kenndy.Man i hope he comes there as i love that gimmick.And i dont think the key is eric bishoff or hogan,its the main writer, the man that came up with the nwo and the things that made the wwf and wcw great and thats vince russo.Which will be interesting as kevin nash is the main booker for tna.If those two guys can work together should be interesting.But again as i said the key to success is they have to get out of the studio arena and do thier show weekly on the road.And they have to keep going head to head with them on monday nights live and cant be doing these taped thursday night shows.And i just had to say i loved seeing my man sean waltman being there.Man it was tough being able to let that cat out of the bag on here.As i knew he was going to be there.
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I'm back! Got to go on vacation for a couple of weeks. I watched the TNA show on Monday. I had mixed reactions. I loved seeing the NWO in the ring again! But I'm not sure how or how often they will be used. I do think it has potential. The same with Rick Flair. If he's used properly, he'll be a huge asset to TNA. And I was siked to see the high flying phenom Jeff Hardy. Once his legal issues are resolved, this guy can carry TNA to another level. I just hope they don't use him in the X division. I want to see him against Angle, Styles, Samoa Joe! There were a few things that left me scratching my head. The Nasty Boys, Val Venis, and Orlando Jordan? Jordan brings nothing to the table that they need. Morley(venis) could be an asset as an agent/trainer, but I don't want to see him in the ring. And I definitely don't want to see a Nasty Boys-Team 3-D rivalry!!!

All in all, I enjoyed Monday. TNAs show was much better than Raw, IMO. McMahon has forgotten all about the wrestling aspect, something TNA has going for it! I think Hogan brings a ton of experience and knowledge to TNA. As far as Bischoff, I was surprised to see him involved on screen and backstage, since he was supposed to be involved in the business side. But Easy E is a mad genius, if he's kept in check!

Rob VanDam blogged during impact, and said that while he had no plans to re enter wrestling at the moment, he would be watching what happens with TNA and WWE. Ken Anderson(mr kennedy), Matt Hardy, and Shane Helms are rumored to be heading to TNA soon, and there is interest in Tommy Dreamer and Paul Heyman.

For all those who are sick of the joke WWE puts out every week, and miss the good ole days of WCW, TNA has at least offered us a glimmer of hope!!!
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