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Default Re: The Pro Wrestling Roundtable

SUPAFLY-Come on tna has better looking woman on thier show right now.I am tried of hearing the stacy talk on here.She was'nt even the best looking in the old wcw or the wwe.She has long legs big deal so does a stork.They don't need her.You should watch this girl named "velvet sky" or angelina love (who makes her return) THE BEATUIFUL PEOPLE.They are the best woman in the history of wrestling.And once you see them you will be saying-stacy who??????-just kidding about the ripping on stacy,i was trying to be funny.But in all seriousness.I doubt they would bring her in as tna likes thier woman to actually be able to have some wrestling ability.And she can not wrestle at all.I mean that might change with hogan.But thier "knockouts" (what they call thier woman in tna) are suppose to be more than a just pretty face, they are that and can wreslte.And in the wwe they call thier women divas,and thats what they are,as they don't ask thier woman to be wreslters.Just sell the sex and leave the men to wrestle.I mean melina would get her pretty butt kicked if she came to tna.Seriously supa fly check out velvet and tell me what you think about her.
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if TNA gets stacy keibler to strip i'll watch.
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