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Default Re: The Official "Jeff Gordon will win the Nextel Cup in 2006" Thread...

Originally Posted by Koopa
i have a question, what is so good about nascar?? i mean the cars just drive in a circle 500 times, now don't take this wrong i ain't knockin ya'll just wondering why ppl actually have intrest in ppl driving a car really fast
NASCAR is like the WWE of racing there are multiple little stories within the race, teammates, owners, rivalries. I persoanally am a big auto fan period... I like cars and many different forms of racing (my favorite is American Lemans/SPEED GT). Naturally what drew me to NASCAR was the cars... I also like the drivers, various sponsors, and paint jobs found on the circuit.

After watching for a couple years you relize that there is alot more to it than cars going fast in a circle. The cars are so closely matched that each team must figure out what set up makes their car go faster than the next. What you end up with is 40+ drivers and cars pushing the absolute limit of the car/track on the verge of disaster. Quite entertaining...

What really got me hooked was picking out my favorite driver after watching with my friends for a few months, and of course going to my first race. It was a memorable experience and I've been a big fan ever since.

Not trying to hi-jack your thread Suit... just wanted to answer Koop's question.
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