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Originally Posted by SteelersinCA View Post
I think you are getting a little far afield, no one is advocating people getting robbed, nor is anyone arguing against gun ownership. However, NEITHER of those situations happened here. Arenas is an idiot, plain and simple. Can he own guns? Sure. Does this have anything to do with him owning a gun? Not at all.

Since you brought up home invasions though, it is clear you see my point. Certain decisions need to be made in order to protect yourself, whether famous or not. If you feel you have to carry a gun to go somewhere, my argument is, you shouldn't be going there. Would you not lock your windows in your house? Would you leave the doors open for people to come in? Would you leave your garage door open so anyone could walk in and take whatever they want? Chances are no. So why would you put yourself in the position of having to carry a gun?

What Arenas did is dumb and makes no sense, there are no excuses for it. He was in zero danger at the arena, unless you can show me someone who get robbed at the stadium.
Thug life, baby.

No offense to anyone, but these guys are all from the hood and they think this gives them street cred or something. How many white NBA players do you think carry their gat with them to games?
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