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Originally Posted by revefsreleets View Post
Thug life, baby.

No offense to anyone, but these guys are all from the hood and they think this gives them street cred or something. How many white NBA players do you think carry their gat with them to games?
You don't know anything about thug life or Arenas so you can kill that noise. Arenas has never been in trouble with the law (before now) and I'm sure the majority of the black players in the NBA hasn't either. Arenas has a family so he doesn't care about street cred. He made a dumb decision.

I know this term gets thrown around loosely but that was a racist statement...just because you put "no offense to anyone" doesn't make it ok. I know you're the type of person to stir up shit on this forum but that was low...even for you. But I'm sure you wouldn't call a black person a thug to their face...especially one that you don't even know. It's just amazing how some (SOME) white people think they have black people figured out.

I bet you're the type to say, "I'm not racist, I have black friends". But I say to that bullshit! And since I'm on your precious ignore list, I hope somebody copies this for you.
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