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Default Re: The Official "Jeff Gordon will win the Nextel Cup in 2006" Thread...

Originally Posted by Koopa
i have a question, what is so good about nascar?? i mean the cars just drive in a circle 500 times, now don't take this wrong i ain't knockin ya'll just wondering why ppl actually have intrest in ppl driving a car really fast
i guess its the same reason people actually have an interest in 10 guys bouncing a ball back and forth and tossing it through a hoop.

racing is the oldest form of competition known to man. the marathon was the 1st sport in the olympics. in fact i would say mankind is genetically wired to get somewhere faster than the next man. i would also say were wired to push technology to the brinks. it is why the wheel was invented. it is why the u.s. and ussr raced to put a man on the moon.

personally i love riding roller coasters. they cant build one i wont go on. some people dont like it though. i get a rush watching the beginning of the daytona 500 and the in car camera views that is similar to actually riding a roller coaster. i like the feeling of driving on an off ramp as fast as you can possibly go and that feeling of being on the edge of crashing. it is a thrill.
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