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Default Re: The Pro Wrestling Roundtable

I will try to keep this one short.I guess we agree to disagree about jeff hardy.No harm in that as that's what is great about wreslting.We all have our favorites.I have never like jeff hardy,as all he has is being one to take a bump ,which does'nt embress me or new jack city would be world champ.Hardy brings nothing to the table like little ray what's his name in smackdown who the wwe keeps trying to put over.The fact is that they keep putting ray against the big guys like kane to put him over.Because they are smaller guys in the wwe he could wrestle.But they know that he would'nt go over if he wreslted someone his own size.And the only way he would go ver is to do that whole david vs goloeth gimmick,and come one its played out by now.And i guess i just don't have the humor it takes to appreciate the wwe anymore like horn-whatever and antics like that.See i grew up in the old awa days when wrestling was about the wrestlign and not the entertainment it is now.People go to hear them talk not to wrestle.Ok i guess i ied its not shorter-sorry.
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No problem man. I can tell you're a hardcore wrestling fan! I love talking with people like you! Man, I started watching back in the Tommy Rich, Dusty Rhodes, Harley Race days of the NWA. I hate seeing what the WWE has become, that's why I'm really pulling for TNA. You had a lot of great thoughts in your earlier post. The only thing I really disagree with you about is Jeff Hardy. I agree the guy has made some horrible choices, BUT, and it's a big but, if he can keep his nose clean, he can get over like no other wrestler today, especially with the 18-29 crowd. And I agree with about Kennedy. His name will probably be Mr Anderson in TNA according to what I've read, but the guy is a very good wrestler and has a lot of charisma. That's what TNA needs more of! I would also love to see Tony Schiavone back at the broadcast table. He was always my favorite and is a 3 time broadcaster of the year!

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