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Originally Posted by 4xSBChamps View Post
I currently have basic/extended cable via my local provider, and am not-sure if I should get digital-cable and whatever package they offer, or go with a satelitte:
I've never had either, so I simply don't know exactly 'what' is available

Fiancee rarely watches TV, and I'd only want a 'hockey-package', so it might be best to get heat into my garage (it was 49*f in recent days there) where my computer is, and stick with watching streams
Go with the dish - it's cheaper and it's better. You can get all of the channels you like for less than or at least as much as what you are paying for your basic/expanded cable, AND all channels are in digital quality. Check around to see what kind of deals you can get - it might be worth your while. If I didn't live in a building that doesn't allow satellite service, I'd already have it.
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