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Originally Posted by Shea View Post
Oh boy.....

From the look on her face, I'm thinking Geno got a slap across the face after the camera's flash went off.

I've come across so many pics of Evgeni that shows me he is definitely the wild child of our team. Love him but he's gotta cool it with the inappropriate behaviour. For some reason he cracks me up though, but then again that wasn't my boobie.
Nah. On the surface, this chick looks like the typical bar rat who enjoys the attention.

I'm pretty much with XT that what he does in his private life is pretty much his call, as long as it doesn't affect his play or the team's reputation, which at this point, it most likely hasn't. However - I do see your point about something being misinterpreted that could lead to a lawsuit in this sue-happy society we live in now-a-days.

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