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Default Re: The Pro Wrestling Roundtable

KEISELPOWER-I agree with you that wwe is the same old same old.But as i have said to COMPETE with the wwe,that tna has to do these things.Forget about that stubid octogon ring and go back to how it was when tna first started.Alot of pople don't know but tna when it first started used a normal ring.It was also a weekly ppv show and not on free or cable tv as it is now.But the most important things i think they have to do is.They have to have thier show live (its taped now) and they HAVE to have it on the same night as the wwe.And also and most important,they have to do thiers as the wwe does thiers and that's on the road a new place every week.But the problem is that tna does'nt have th bank that vince at the wwe does.So for that reason only i don't see them drawing much viewers away from the wwe.You can have the best talent and the best story lines and angles but if you not traveling to the poeple to see it live on your tv show than you can not compete with a company that is.And as for your comment about sean waltman,i am not sure what web site you got that information from about his contract with them.And for all you jeff hardy lovers,you do realize that he used to be on tna before,so its not new or anything for him to be on there.As most if not all including hogan has been on tna before.And as his recent legal troubles have shown you guys might need to find someone else to love besides him.As i think his wrestling days are over.
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