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Default Re: The Pro Wrestling Roundtable

Originally Posted by ARKIESTEEL View Post
Damn I must be old I hear pro wrestling and I think of Terry Funk, Dirty Dick Slader, Mad Dog Buzz Sawyer, Dusty Rhodes, Super Star Bill Dundee, The Midnight Express, The Road Warriors, The Minnisota Wrecking crew Ole and Arn Anderson. Magnum T A.....................the list could go on and on.....................
How could you forget The Junk Yard Dog, Michael P.S. Hayes?

I think McMahon has gotten comfortable since the demise of the WCW. I should say takeover of the WCW. Since he monopolized the wrestling industry, there hasn't been much upstart to compete with him. I think he's forgotten what the fans want to see. Less chit chat and more action.

I'm not sure what truly caused the demise of the WCW but they had some great matches back in the day. Then it seemed it all started going south - and quickly!

Now those wrestlers who didn't get back in the WWE have found some support, and I do believe that if Vince doesn't change his MO then TNA could definitely take the #1 spot from him but they've got to be diligent and maintain their focus. Otherwise they'll rise and fall as quick as the WCW.

It's going to be interesting come Wrestlemania to see how far TNA can drop WWE from their weekly rankings. If the WWE doesn't come up with some good matches, then they'll quickly lose fans to TNA just based on some of the matches I've already seen over there.

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