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Default Re: The Pro Wrestling Roundtable

ULTIMATEBENGAL-I don't think we are ever going to like the same people.I think that's funny,as i don't like rvd either.Again for the same reasons i don't like hardy.Stay off the darn pipe and focus on being a wrestler if that is what you want to be.My brother was a huge rvd fan when he was in the original ecw(not the joke it is now).But when rvd came out and focused on the whole pot thing it got my brother and me to not like him.But his wrestling abiltitys were always funny as noone when he got to the wwf/wwe wanted to wrestle him.As they would really take hits (sorry-not that kind of hits but actual hits) from him kicking etc.He got the reputation of not being able to work or carry a match.But in the ecw he sure was a high flyer ,rick taker and seemed to have great wrestling ability.And his matches vs jerry lynn were classic.Me and my brother were big fans of ecw.And i used to watch wcw over raw all the time.I think what killed wcw was funding.They just didnt have enough to keep up with the mountain of money vince and wwe were willing to use to get thier show and brand over.I agree with you,if tna decides to put all there money and effort and spike is willing to go with it they could compete.But again i think they need to make those changes i mentioned before in my other post here.I don't know how much money carter has complared to mcmahon.
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You make a lot of good points man. Jeff Hardy was in TNA before, but his stay was short lived because of bad decisions on his part! Hogan was a part of a storyline promotion that never happened with Jeff Jarret. But now they have a chance to do it again. I also agree about TNA vs McMahon deep pockets. But, if TNA continues to do well and gets a Monday time slot, maybe their own billionaire owner Bob Carter will open the bank account like Ted Turner did with WCW. IMO, TNA's success against the WWE will depend on how much Carter is willing to spend.

By the way, there is a great interview with Rob Van Dam on Youtube where he talks about the WWE, TNA, , his drug bust with Sabu, and his thoughts on weed. It's a very cool interview did in his house with some amatuer wrestling reporter. Check it out if you get a chance. I also follow him on his site, and hope he will eventually be in TNA. He's one of my all time favs and one of the coolest cats ever!
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