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Default Re: The Pro Wrestling Roundtable

AUSSIESTEELER-I agree with you.And in fact you made some of the same points that i had posted in a earlier post.For the tna to compete they have to be on the same night.Or then its not competeing.As you want to try to take there numbers away from the other.And if you have it on different nights.Well it can be the same people watching tna thursday that watched wwe on monday.And what you want to do is to have the tv crowd make a choice-tna or wwe.And also i mentioned they tna need to do thier weekly tv show on the road as wwe does.And they can not tape it as they do now.They have to do it live as wwe does.And lastly get a normal wreslting ring.I think it's always going to be more talk than wreslting.Its all about the talking that is done.Take a wwe,where there opening segment goes 10 mintues in to the show.And they don;t have thier first match until a 1/2 hour into thier show.And in a 2 hour raw,they only have like 4-5 actual wreslting matches.And most of the time is promos and going over what happen in the last weeks show.And in some cases they repeat the promos and the highlites of last weeks shows over and over.My brother told me that last mondays raw they did the highlites of last weeks show 3 times during the show.So in a 2 hour show you get a 1 hour of actual show.
Originally Posted by Aussie_steeler View Post
I think TNA had to move to monday night to take WWE for one main reason.

Wrestling is a defined market, not one that attracts new viewers (outside of children). Therefore all the wrestling fans allocate Monday night to watch. Now if you have two shows to look at you are going to flip backwards and forwards and make a comparison. Let the viewers choose the better product.

Problem with every other night is that people are not going to have their wrestling hat on. Therefore they are not going to be looking for wrestling. It makes it much harder to attract new fans to your product.

Until TNA goes on the road they are not going to make huge inroads into the WWE market share.

Your fans are guys like you and me. We have watched wrestling forever and we just want to watch a product that is filled with good wrestling. If it is TNA or WWE I dont care, as long as it is 90% wrestling 10 % BS.

Wrestling is the male soap opera, I just wish for the days when it wasnt a soap opera on speed.
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