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Default Re: Lane Kiffin to USC

Originally Posted by El-Gonzo Jackson View Post
If he pulled a Petrino and left dear John letters, now that is sleazy. Or if he adamantly denied interest in the USC job and then took it a week later like Saban....I can see the uproar. Heck, he just took a better job that came up.
That's just it. There were local reports that he told some recruits not to go to class. UT will allegedly hold these recruits to their letters because they were ON campus.

Sure, there are still some guys that would have wanted to go to UT anyway, but others who thought they were going to have Kiffin as their coach could end up losing a year of playing time if they want to transfer now. THAT, to me is what stinks. Not just the fact that he stirred a shitstorm and then left town.

Tennessee could have protected themselves a little more, also. I think the buyout was only 800,000... that's nothing to USC.

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