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Default Re: The Pro Wrestling Roundtable

I just watched tonights "TAPED" tna show.And by the way as i have said they have to stop taping thier shows.And i think it's funny that hogan made it one week in a row on the show.As he was only on backstage in his "office" for his only segment tonight.Which is just funny to me,you can not make it 2 weeks with out taking a break from the show.I just thought he was going to be a active person on the show.And should be that for at least the 2nd show into the darn thing.I mean eric bishoff made a ring appearence.And the outsiders vs beer money in the first ppv for the new tna.Wow,i thought they would strech that out more before the outsiders wrestled.And that's the other thing, thier first ppv with hogan "running" the show is this sunday and he can no make it to the show before it that usally sells (hypes) the ppv.Not very smart to me.And who is this mystery person making thier first appearence at the ppv.Don't worry i am not saying anything,as i won't spoil things for anyone who might watch it.But as a show,tonight was ho-hum.It was not a improvement from last weeks show.I did love that angelina love returned.As i have said i have watched tna for years so that was big for me as the beautiful people (her tag team with velvet sky) is the best.And i hate von erics daugther who took her place when angelina had to go back to canada as she had visa problems.But hopefully she got that teken care and get that von eric out of there as she is just a pretty face and no wreslting talent..So she should go to barbie doll land in the wwe.
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