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Default Re: The Pro Wrestling Roundtable

The orginal 4 horsemen were in the nwa.Not sure if you thought they were awa.I remember as a kid going to a taping of thier awa weekly show they did in a studio.And i had the shek allahah casey or something like that.He was a manager.But thye used to wrestle thier shows at the old st paul civic center and the met center.And ther is classic footage of when hogan and bockwinkel would wrestle.And the lights would go on and the bell would just keep ringing and hogan had beaten him and the crowd was going crazy.I remember that as it was before the days of ppv.So you had to be there to see it.And that match was so big they actually sold out the arena next door called roy wilkins auditorium that had it on tv.I am talking the awa before the show that you see now on espn classic.
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I remember mad dog vachone. The von erics too.

I remember the old AWA when they use to have the interview podium about 20 feet from the ring. The original 4 horsemen.
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