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Default Re: Lane Kiffin to USC

Originally Posted by SteelersinCA View Post
Kiffin used to be an OC for USC, it's his "home." There was bound to be a shocking hire. There are a few programs out there that are going to be once in a lifetime opportunities in CFB, this is one. I can't fault anyone for wanting to be the coach of a Texas, Florida, OSU, ND, USC.

Agree w/ you completely....I don't think he'll be as good as Pete...but I think he'll do a pretty good job...he's young and most importantly he has experience @ the College and NFL level.....Having his dad work for him only improves things....but he's still a bitch for ditching the Vols....Its messed up but he left that team for his fav. team....and a pretty good one @ that(USC) I wouldn't blame him...but hey Kelly did the same thing when he left for the Fighting Irish and nobody really said anything(I mean the guy left his team before their bowl game)!!!!
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