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Originally Posted by kittenfantastico76 View Post
I love seeing all the love for Terrance Cody!!! I'm a huge fan of his um hugeness and skill! I would be super pleased to have him as a Steeler that's for sure. Wow - that just sounded like a cheerleader with all the love and the super yada yada! It would be great to see a guy from my fave college team move up to my fave NFL team. :)

Dude if you're taking a shot @ me, u seriously should learn how to READ!!!! I stated that "a lot of you won't agree with me" so you should look back into that....and also take a look at the TITLE of my THREAD!!!!.......It's my opinion smart one....

Well anyways...I hope the Steelers go after FS Earl Thomas...he seems to be a pretty damn good cover guy....and most importantly his tackling looks good....I think this guy would be the perfect complement for Troy P....My only worry w/ Cody is if he's going to stay in shape every season!!!...The guys is a damn whale....IDK if they should take a chance on him that high...maybe if they trade down a few spots and pick up an OL or FS in the 1st....n if Cody falls then nab his fat ass in the second....but again that's an unlikely scenario.....
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