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Default Re: The Pro Wrestling Roundtable

ULTIMATEBENGAL-Yeah i realize that hulk is'nt "running" things.Man would that be bad if he was the brains in this.And i realize that bischoff is the man behind the curtain and that hogan is the puppet.But for storyline purposes(and that what i was talking about)that he really should be there for at least the 2nd darn show.Especially a show leading up to the first ppv.As i have said before vince russo is the key here.But thats alot of people that have to get along and not have thier egos get in the way of a great show.See i am one of the few that loved wcw at the end.When vince and eric were writing themselves into storylines.And the best tna i have seen was in the first 26 shows there was a masked man causing problems.And would'nt you know is was vince.And i have those first shows on vhs tape and i love watching them.The one show the most as rowdy piper(who i hate) came out and had a "shoot" with vince in the ring.And piper actually blamed vince for the death of owen hart,i could not believe it.Anyway,i just think that with vinces writing and erics direction they can make tna a great show.I mean i already enjoyed it but with them they have the potential of even being a better show.JUST GET RID OF THAT DARN OCTOGON RING-THIS ISN'T THE FREAKIN' UFC.And as far as the mystery person for the ppv,and as i said i dont want to riun it for you or anyone that might watch it.And you are right about sid by the way as scott hall is really pushing for him.By the way speaking of hall they are really worried if his drinking is going to cause a problem.Did you see the little joke in the ring,when scott hall was saying about taking the beer from beer money.And the look on nash and waltmans face was oh-no.And nash even did a little pray thing with his hands like begging him not to do that.As i am sure you know that he has a history of no showing shows and ppvs.And this is really a concern for them.I disagree as i think they have to take the show on the road.But i understand what you are saying.But to me the most important thing as they can wait for the road thing but they have to do thier shows on the same night as the wwe.
Originally Posted by UltimateBengal View Post
I agree with you that Thursdays TNA Impact wasn't the best. But that's going to happen until they figure out storylines for all the new talent, and get the creative structure in place. Right now Bischoff and Hogan are still learning the ropes in TNA as far as talent and potential stories. Russo, Ferrera, and Matt Conway are still writing, while trying to incorporate ideas from Bischoff and Hogan. Then you have guys like Jarrett, Chris Park, and Mick Foley who have creative input. It's going to take a little time for the pieces to fall into place and start running smoothly.

As for Hogan not being there, he doesn't really need to. His contract calls for him to make a certain number of appearances this year, while doing promotional work and having creative input. The real mastermind is Bischoff. It's his vision that will take place. He will choose who stays, comes, and goes, with input from Hogan. Don't be fooled into thinking Hogan is in charge. It's Bichoff who made the deal with Spike and Bob Carter. And he is the one who negotiated Hogans deal.

As far as the mystery man at Genesis, my money is on Ken Anderson, but I could be wrong. Their has been a lot of talk about Sid showing up as well, which I hope doesn't happen. I hope it is Anderson, because this guy could be a bonafide superstar in TNA. There is also talk of another live Monday show on March 1st. TNA has to take things slowly and make sure they get it right. A lot of people want them to go on the road every week. I think they should take all PPVs on the road to better venues, but keep the weekly shows at the Impact Zone for now. Use the money to omprove the tv product and continue the advertising blitz.
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