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Default Re: The Pro Wrestling Roundtable

I know for a fact that waltman is serious about being a active part of tna.And i know that he is commited to doing it.But hall is another story as he has those demons.I mean tna signed him because of nash being the booker for it.And he wanted hall so they let him bring him in a couple of years ago.And hall no showed a pay per view and nash said he was done with him.So i was surprised that nash and bischoff would give him yet another chance.He better not mess it up as that might be it for him.And i agree with you as i also think if done the right way the nwo can help tna beat the wwe.And by the way as you seem to know more than i do about this kind of insight into the inner workings of wreslting.Does the wwe own val venus,and if they do does that mean they also own his catch phrases.I thought it was strange that he said instead of his usually "hello ladies".He said something stubid like "ladies i am here"i don't know as i could'nt stop laughing by it.I know some wreslter buy thier names from the wwe or had partnership in them and were able to keep them.But people like val venus and mr kennedy must not have been able to take thier names with them.So does that mean that mr kennedy cant do his-mrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....kenndy........kennedy.Be cause that was the best part of him.Yeah hopefully spike wants to also compete with usa.And get some balls as that was the problem with wcw,tnt did not want to lock horns with vince and wwe.I am happy to read you agree with me on the ring,but unlike you,i never liked it.As i never saw the point of it.We want to be different.Its still wrestling,thats like if the usfl would have played football on a circle field.
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I hope the Hall and Waltman can keep their act together. As you said Hall has a sorted history with alcohol and missing events. And Waltman has had his own problems with a domestic violence and menacing charge in the Chyna situation. The NWO reunion can be an effective part of TNA, if done properly and the guys are serious about it. About Sid, the latest pics I've seen of him make him look really old. If he does come in, I hope he's in shape. But, I'd rather not see him at all at this point. If Bischoff and Russo are smart about this, they will use the name veterans to really help sell and get over the younger guys. TNA has a ton of talent that is head and shoulders above WWE, IMO. I agree with you about the ring. The six sided ring made some sense in the early TNA because they needed to stand out, but at this point, they need to be more mainstream, and that means a four sided ring. Dixie Carter posted that she and Kevin Kay from Spike had meetings recently. Hopefully Spike has seen enough progress that it will soon put Impact on Mondays permanently. Then I think TNA will have an opportunity to really take a lot more chances and give wrestling fans a true alternative to WWE.
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