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Default Re: Time to get Offensive...

Originally Posted by hardwork
First of all I've been going to Patriot games since they were playing at BU, Harvard, and Fenway Park.

Second we're smart enough around here to know it's what you've done lately, not what your ancient history is, that counts.

Third, every one of these 3 Super Bowls have come as a surprise to us. Never have we gone into a season thinking that the trophy was ours.

One game at a time. One play at a time. That's our method, and we're sticking to it.

Cleve, don't make me have to come out there and kick your ass.

Ok HW...1st off...maybe you have been going to games for a while, but you can not honestly sit there and act like you have had this wonderful fan base. You guys couldn't even sell out your stadium 5 yrs. don't sit there and talk to Steeler fans like you guys are faithful to your team because we all know that is BS!!!

2nd....say that to me in 2 yrs when you guys don't win another championship. Come on...that is just stupidity and you know it. In 10 years (even if you win another SB) your team of the 2000s will never even compare to the Steelers of the 70s and we all know that.

3rd...your full of crap to sit there and say that you guys don't go into the year thinking your going to be on top again. You have talked enough crap, but I hear this shit from all you so called fans...and I have to say that your "fans" are some of the worst in the game. They weren't there through the bad times and now they can't talk enough shit...look at you, you spend more time in a Steelers MB than most of the members here. Get a life and well I predict when you don't make it, you won't be able to handel it and we will never hear from you again....if we do, you won't be talking about the present you will be talking about the past (and well, as you have pointed out to us... that doesn't matter)

Oh yah...and at least we love our Steelers and go in with a positive attitude year after year...and no matter what happens we will ALWAYS be there showing pride wearing the black and gold and supporting our guys!!!

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