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Default Top 5 Most Hated Teams

1. Baltimore Ravens-
Their leader should be behind bars, their city is a pile of dogpoop, There team smack talk and most of their fans are savage unruly people. Is their a more hated team in the AFCN than this?

2. New England Cheatriots-
Is their a more hated team globally in American Sports than this team. Their Owner looks like a guy who sniffs glue, Their Quarterback dumps his girlfriend after having a child and the Head Coach just looks like a guy thats homeless, he also dresses like a homeless during interviews.

3. Cincinnati Bengals-
Does anyone like a team full of convicts, They don't make the All-Pro teams but they do make the All-Convict teams.

4. Oakland Raiders-
You have to hate a team that thinks just because theys support a team that has a bandanner and covered by think their a bunch of gangsters... Really he only wears a bandanner and a eye cover because he is a gypsy to go get his eye checked out. The Owner is a rat, even their fans want him dead lol.

5. Stinkadelphia Eagles-
You hate them because their fans are the most embarrasing part from America, Their Coach looks constantly Constipated. And their just generally jealous of Pittsburgh sports by calling them Shittsburgh, but they can't see across their home properties to see what an ugly City that is, it also smells like shit.

6. Dallas Cowboys*-
America's Team? Perhaps Americas most hated team. There Owner looks like a rat and thinks he can run a team. He wishes he was born Dan Rooney. He builds big stadiums but doesn't really care about the players, When owners go down to handshakes, when his team losses he goes to defecate the toilets.

*Donates Honorable Mention

Your top 5 hated teams? explanations and funny logos would be a plus!
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