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Default Re: Top 5 Most Hated Teams

I'll go with

1. Cheats have to be #1 they robbed us and many others of glory

1A. Cryboys I hope they suck for a long time just because JJ built that behemoth of a stadium and now he is charging fans out of the wazoo to go to a game. You could easily spend $800 per person just to get close parking and a nose bleed seat. it would serve justice if they couldn't fill it for a couple years.

3. Ratbirds Swearing out a bounty and the NFL turns it's head the other way. They whine as much as the seachickens and I love when we play them. 75th anniversary game was one of the greatest games of all time for me. James Harrison's coming out party

4. Colts only because of their prima donna QB. I will give him props he is good but he throws others under the bus when they lose.

5. Jags. They always always play us hard. Fred Taylor was a Steeler killer. Would have put the titans here but we got revenge on them when they started off the year 0-6 after stomping the towel. Fisher talked to Dungy about the curse and the players signed a Terrible Towel and sent it to the school and also had one framed and is in their showcase. According to an interview he gave to Jim Rome.
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