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Default Re: Top 5 Most Hated Teams

1. The Ravens
Living here in Maryland with the fans are horrible. All they do is talk trash, say how their team is the best, and they always, ALWAYS bring up Big Ben's accident and when he has gotten concussions have said he can't take care of his health and complain how dirty we play.
2. The Bungals
Overrated team, horrible fans, and Palmer is a punk. I'll give it to them, they deserved it this year with everything they went through, but they'll always be the Bungals to me. Carson Palmer can hate the Steelers as much as he hates UCLA, I don't care, he's still a punk in my book and can run his mouth as much as he wants. The fans are pathetic (we must remember, not all fans are the same, I'm sure there are good and loyal fans for the team), they act like they are the biggest thing in the world and when they lose they hate their team (sounds like most Raven fans).
3. The Cowboys
The greatest Super Bowl rival, no doubt, but they are highly overrated. I don't understand how we got Cowgirl fans here in Maryland... O wait, they're "America's Team," the biggest bandwagon jumpers ever. When any fan who isn't a Steelers fan ask why there are so many of us, there's a history behind it, with all the steel mills and other companies closing in the sixties and seventies and had to go to other places to find work (that explains why I live in Maryland, parents moved here from PA to find work).
4.The Patriots
Now these are the two teams I don't like. The fans are ****y and their time as number one is over. I used to hate losing to them and loved beating them. I can remember my heart sinking every time we would lose to them. My best friend is from New York and he told me that his cousin now lives in Boston for her job and when the Pats were undefeated going into SB 42, they were already putting 19-0 everywhere in the city, deserves them right...
5. The Browns
I'm really only going with this because they've been rivals since the fifties I believe and I hate losing to them. At least some of their fans are loyal and stick with them.
Now... I do see the Chargers becoming a really good rival in the next few years and our rivalry with Oakland isn't the same as it used to be. So that's my list.
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