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Default Re: Lane Kiffin to USC

I'm not sure I follow....Kiffin sells out Tennessee, and we call that out, but it's due to......................jealousy of the Trojans football program?That's not applicable for at least me, as I have NO jealousy over USC's program. I just think Kiffin is trashy...

In general, it makes little sense anyway. First off, it's a BIG step down for USC. Secondly, the situation was handled's what Jay Paterno had to say on the matter...along with a little opinion sprinkled in from the local sports writer...

Joe Paterno for years has been the conscience of college football.

It appears he has passed the mantle to his son Jay, who voiced some healthy perspective in the State College (Pa.) newspaper this past week.

Jay Paterno wrote about the state of coaching in college football, brought on by the departure of Pete Carroll from USC and the subsequent move of Lane Kiffin from Tennessee to USC.

Kiffin, a guy who has proven nothing but that he can talk big, was given the USC job after winning seven games at Tennessee.

Kiffin left recruits in the lurch, and then made the ethically questionable decision to have Ed Orgeron, his recruiting coordinator, call some of his recruits and try to convince them to cancel the commitment to Tennessee and come to USC.

There's no sense hiding any hypocrisy here.

Some players are mercenaries, attending a college to enhance their pro status.

Some (many) coaches are out for themselves, leaving on a moment's notice to go from place to place.

But universities are clearly just as much at fault when they fire a coach before his contract runs out.

Notre Dame once had integrity. In the days when the Rev. Theodore Hesburgh was the president, the Irish would hire a coach and tell him: You have a five-year deal. If you lose, you will coach five years. If you break the rules, you will be fired the next day.

It's the reason the school committed to Gerry Faust for five years and stuck with him.

Recently, though, the university has done the same as any other, hiring Charlie Weis, then doing back flips over him his first year before firing him after last season.

Paterno wrote that media attention and money have altered priorities.

''The word 'coach' has been a title of respect,'' Jay Paterno said. ''A college or high school coach has a great responsibility; he or she needs to remember that the sport is a part of a larger academic life for the student-athlete. The word 'coach' should encompass the roles of educator, mentor, guidance counselor and manager of on-field duties.''

He then points out that Tennessee spent $7 million on coaching salaries — to win seven games.

''We are starting to look as arrogant as the Wall Street bankers raking in seven-figure bonuses,'' Jay Paterno wrote.

He, like his father and men like Dean Smith before him, see coaching as an extension of teaching. Smith used to say sports is like the front porch of a university — it's visible, but what goes on inside is more important.

But turn on any college basketball game and watch the behavior of coaches and you realize quickly that coaching is not at all like teaching. No university professor could keep a job if he or she screamed at students the way coaches scream at players.

Nor would his or her credibility be enhanced by constant job moves that leave their students wondering who will help them next.

It's ludicrous to consider big-time athletics as any purer than it is, but Jay Paterno is trying to do the right thing when he writes: ''It is the mission of our profession: The use of sport to help young men transition from high school and prepare them for the world that awaits them after college.''

Will anyone listen?

Well, David Cutcliffe actually turned down Tennessee to stay at Duke.

Which sounds like a start.

Until you read that Tennessee told Cutcliffe it had to keep the rest of Kiffin's staff, because the university didn't want to pay them not to coach.
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