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Default Re: The Pro Wrestling Roundtable

Originally Posted by lambertlunaticfan View Post
Well "ULTIMATEBENGAL"(i address this to you as we seem to be the only ones at the table anymore) Well anyways,SPOILER ALERT IF YOU DID NOT WATCH THE TNA PPV AND ARE PLANNING TO AS I AM GOING TO BE TALKING ABOUT IT HERE-SO IF YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW THE RESULTS STOP READING......Well i sure hope you ordered that first hogan/bishoff tna ppv tonight.As i just got done watching it and it was sure worth the money for it.And the thing that got me the most excited was right away-A NORMAL WRESTLING RING-YES!!!!!!! they finally got rid of that stubid octogon ring and hopefully for good.I mean its wrestling,so have a wrestling.They must be reading my posts on here-just kidding..And would'nt you know it that hall did'nt wrestle.They had waltman (who also wanted to wait to make his debut but did'nt have a choice) wrestle with nash.As i guess hall thought his body looked too rough (fat) to wrestle.As thats the story being said,he didnt like the way he looked when he put on his trunks.What the heck,i mean did you not know that you might have to wrestle when you signed on to tna to wrestle.So get yourself into wrestle shape then.I don't see hall and waltman lasting long.As i just found out that nash did'nt even give tna his word to hire them.And said i have nothing to do with them.So i guess nash kept to his word,cause the last time hall no-showed hall said he was done with him.So i guess that still holds true.As he has said hall and waltman are not my doing.I was on teh understanding that nash was the one that hired them.Or told tna to hire them but i guess not.I can only think that if things go the way they always seem to go with hall and waltman for that matter.And both or one of them mess up that none of the heat will go to nash.And i can finally say the mystery man-of course it thats not it.....anderson....wait for it.......anderson.Man i love that guy and he won his match vs abyss.But of course they had mr anderson cheat to win it to save face for abyss.I think thats a strange opponent for anderson though.And i will be interestred to find out if the end of the outsiders/beer money match if that was real or work.If you didnt see it.At the end of the match hall who came ringside at the end of the match starts beating up a kid and waltman goes out there to stop it and they lose the match.By the way beer money win really puzzles me as why they would have the outsiders lose thier first match.As that takes away from the potential of them being a force.But all i can think of is cause of hall and waltman love for drugs and not playing by the rules they dont think niether will last long in the storylines so dont make along one for them.As they already had people in place if waltman no-showed or refused to wrestle.But anyway,a very good start for i think it was a very good ppv especially being thier first and now if they can do thier shows on monday and go live with them.But a very good start getting rid of that darn stubid ring.I just love they went back to a normal ring even though alot of the wrestlers i guess hate it.

Just so you know, Ultimate Bengal isn't the only one at the table. I just haven't had a chance to catch up on TNA to speak about it. I'm still following the conversation.

UB, thanks for the throwback history lesson on the AWA and NWA. I definitely didn't have that much background on the two. I just remember watching what was Georgia Championship Wrestling for the longest time. I would definitely call them the pioneers of some of the matches we see today. I remember a few barbed wire fence matches and few others that put extreme on the map.

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