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Default Re: Lane Kiffin to USC

The unadulterated hate is jealousy. Put the shoe on the other foot, if Tressel were gone and Kiffin took the OSU job, whether you agreed with Kiffin deserving the job or not, would you be calling him trashy? No, you'd be saying he made the right choice going from a 2nd tier program to a top tier program. To call someone trashy simply because they made a better career move is ignorant.

If your present employer offers you a great promotion today, then the top ad company in the world offers you a job in NYC tomorrow and a million more per year are you going to turn it down out of some loyalty to your present company? I didn't think so. Then do you consider yourself trashy?

It's pretty apparent what everyone of us would do. Kiffin did nothing different, yet he's trashy. USC bought his contract out, only one thing left, jealousy or fear, except for Rev.

If Jay Paterno wants to stick his head in the Quaker sand there in PA, so be it. Football at these top programs isn't about academics, it's about getting paid. It's about media contracts and getting money for the program to get more money. It's about putting players in the NFL. Maybe that's why PSU plays in the non BCS bowls and when it falls into the BCS bowls it gets smacked in the mouth.

Ethics, morality in college football, please, that's comical Jayjay. Have fun in the Outback bowl.
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