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Default Re: The Pro Wrestling Roundtable

Originally Posted by lambertlunaticfan View Post
Yeah i know that the awa and nwa were two seperate companies.And vince actually owns all the wcw and ecw and awa video vault.Thats why he comes out with those stubid dvds of them.But because the stories are told by people still under vince they can not really tell the stories.Like the ecw one was not really the insight that behind the mat gave us about vince and the way he is.And i could pick better matches than the ones they have on any of thier dvds like that.But i want to thank you for the details of this as i was not aware of most of this.On what wreslting became what and when.All i know is awa just kind of went away and went right into the wwf.I am not aware that the awa did a final show like wcw did.I think that the indy cards are kind of like the awa you are talking about.They should just put them all together and form that.But of course they can not call it that as vince owns the rights to the awa and ecw and wcw.And would'nt it be a shock if he buys tna.Don't think for a second he would'nt.I bet alot of people were shocked when they first heard he bought wcw.I know i was and was not happy about it.As i said i loved in the end how the wcw was going.
The only way Vince could buy TNA is if Bob Carter decides to sell, which hopefully never happens. Carter is a billionaire and TNA is his daughters baby, so hopefully it will never happen. When TimeWarner bought out Ted Turner, I knew bad things were coming. TimeWarner only cares about the bottom line, not the wrestling industry. Bischoff came very, very close to buying WCW then as a part of Fusient Media. But, TNT would not commit to a new TV deal, and along the greedy bastard Vince. Man, I hate what he has done to the industry!!! Great taling rasslin with ya man!
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