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Default Re: The Pro Wrestling Roundtable

ultimatebengal-Did you read my post about what i thought of the ppv.Unlike you i was not that dissapointed.I thought it was better than the other tna ppv's i have seen.But then that could be because it's new.I forgot to mention,did'nt vince say something about that the nwo would never be seen on a wreslting program again.Remember in 2007 when hall no-showed that ppv and then the tape was shown of hogan and hall watching the ppv at thier hotel.I guess people at tna forgot about that.They have the clip on youtube if you never saw it.And speaking of it,if you want to see the most extreme thing (at least the most extreme i have seen in wrestling) go on there and type in -xpw-new jack vs vic grimes.It's amazing.
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Lambertlunaticfan-I agree with everything you said about the NWO. And I was disappointed that Hall didn't wrestle. But reports are that he want to get in a little better shape first, which I'm cool with. I don't want him to embarrass himself. Overall I was a little disappointed with Genesis. The "superstar" debut wasn't much of a surprise because of the loose lipped Bubba the love sponge. Mr. Anderson looked a little rusty, but it hard to have a great wrestling match with Abyss! Hopefully Against All Odds will be better, as they will have another month to develop storylines.

About Sean Morley, not only does Vince own the name Val Venus, but he also owns the phrase Hello Ladies! I wish they hadn't brought him in at all. He doesn't bring anything to the table. Kennedy can use the name Mr Kennedy or Ken Kennedy because he used them before WWE. But, on his Twitter, he said he decided to use Mr Anderson because he liked the way it sounded, drawing on a Matrix reference.
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