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Default Re: The Pro Wrestling Roundtable

No problem here my friend.I am just glad you were not feeling left out of the table.As we love having you here.Yeah you would think there would be more wrestling fans.But i had a freind who loved wreslting but just would not admit it to anyone but me and my brother.We went to summerslam and he boguth a rock baseball jersey for like $100 and i told him arent you going to put it on.And he said no he didnt want anyone to think he like wreslting.And he said this as he was at a wrestling show.So he bought a shirt to wear around the house i guess.I always thought the wwf/wwe toured down there.And i know hogans tour the "hulkamania" tours was there before he got into tna.By the way are you trying to say that wrestling and the easter bunny and santa are not real,what are you saying here??????Please tell me!!!!!!!!!!!!
Originally Posted by Aussie_steeler View Post
Sorry mate - my intent was lost in the translation. ( Chime in means that I wont be around much but i might try to drop by occasionally.)

You didnt upset me at all. I wasnt seeking permission, I was just showing that I enjoy the round table and that a few more people should come out of the closet and confess their wrestling allegiances.

I have been enjoying the dialouge between you guys. I never really got a chance to see original NWA or AWA. I got my fix by saving my money and buying the Pro Wrestling Illustrated magazines to see the progress that was being made in the other federations. PPV's were a non event out here. We had to wait 6 months for the videos to make it to a video store. Therefore the depth of my knowledge is limited

All we got served in my teens ( 80's) was WWF and it was very generic and predictable. When we finally got WCW wrestling finally improved for me.

I once taught a child with Aspergers Autism and he could recall every WWE match of the Undertaker era. Any show, any card, any wrestler.........he was good fun to teach as every classroom analogy I used had to relate to a wrestler, a match or an angle.
He was 14 years old when his world came crashing down on him. He finally came across the term KAYFABE and upon loads more reading and net surfing he discovered what truly happened in wrestling. He was shattered. But he quickly related his new discovery to his similar views on the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus. What harm would it really do if he continued to believe ..... just a little ( when he needed to)

Keep up the great dialouge guys.............i love reading it.
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