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Default Re: The Pro Wrestling Roundtable

stlrtruck-I am glad you were not upset i left you out of the table.The problem with doing less drama and more wrestling.Is that only people of our age who remembers when wrestling was wrestling are not thier audience anymore.The wwe have already said they main focus is 5-15 year olds.And they don;t want to see wrestling they want to hear them talk and the drama of it.Like in all sports it's not about the product of the field its the show around it.Its the reason new stadiums need bigger and better things to it.As people dont got there for the game they go for the show.I mean we are getting a new baseball field here.And i can not tell you how many stories and even in the newspapers (there was another one intodays newspaper in fact) are stores about the food thats going to servied there.I know i went way off topic.But my point is i wish we could go back to whats going on in the ring as far as wrestling and less talking but i think those days of that are behind us.I mean watch a raw and just tape in a 2 hour show how much actual wrestling there is.It will surprise you.As its all drama now.But i am like you as i hate when they overboard with it.And as far as goldberg,he just signed on to do donald trump's show.
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Yeah sometimes it is difficult to catch the joke on the forum too. No worries, I'm not hurt by it

I saw the movie The Wrestler. I thought it was pretty good.

As for TNA, I finally watched last Thursday's show and I've gotta say I'm not impressed with the drama. If they are seriously wanting to compete against WWE, they need to stop the drama and get more wrestling. The WWE went from wrestling to too much drama almost over night. TNA has a chance to rival them quickly if they can end the drama and move in to better matches.

Has anyone heard on Goldberg? What he's been up to lately? I wonder if he's willing to come back?
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